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Ella Strips Then Plays Naughty

Naughty U.K. whore Ella is at it again and this time she sensually wiggles out of her sexy jean skirt and tight top. Ella is an exhibitionist British whore that loves having an audience as she takes off her clothes. Ella is also quite horny, which means that once she strips out of her skimpy little outfit she’ll be more than likely playing with that drenched U.K. pussy of hers.

Once Ella gets completely nude, she begins exploring her pulsating U.K. pussy with her fingers and discovers how wet her pussy is. She licks off the juices on her fingers and breaks out her favorite sex toy that she turns on hearing that familiar whirring of the small motor in her vibrator. Ella rubs her swollen clit and before long her moans and breathing quicken as she plays relentlessly with her snatch. What a sexy British babe!

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