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Naughty Holly Sneaks In A Chap At St Mackenzies

I’m a student at the St. Agnes Boarding School for Boys and it’s a real drag to not have a coed classroom with hot U.K. chicks like the ones parading about at St. Mackenzie’s. I managed to begin dating Holly, a blonde British babe with an incredible body and perky tits. I brought my camera with me and snapped some pictures of Holly after she sneaked me into the St. Mackenzie’s campus. My excitement over being in a place that is forbidden made my cock swell with desire to fuck Holly hardcore.

I waited though and took a series of XXX pictures of my U.K. girlfriend as she sat alone in detention as she slowly took off her clothes so that I could capture her in all her naked glory. Holly’s long creamy legs looked tantalizing in her knee high socks and heels. I could already taste her sweet U.K. pussy but Holly encouraged me to wait and just continue snapping some XXX pictures of her. When her erotic photo shoot was over I fucked Holly hardcore in that classroom and we never got caught!

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