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Rachel Wearing Her Nylons Plays with Toys

Rachel is one of those horny working girls that would never allow the daily office duties of the day get in the way of her enjoying a mid-day orgasm. Rachel is a secretary that goes to work on one average and boring Tuesday but her British pussy is aching and sopping wet from the dream she had of fucking her handsome boss, which left her awakened that morning with a U.K. snatch that just begged to be stuffed with cock.

Rachel packed her vibrating ball with her so that she could whip it out in the afternoon and give herself a nice well-deserved solo pussy playing time in. Rachel used her boss’s office as her place of naughty indiscretions and began playing with herself. She shut the door behind her but left it unlocked with hopes of her getting caught. The busty blonde spread her legs wide and inserted her vibrating ball inside her U.K. pussy while her big tits were bare and flopping about. It was a scorching hot sight to see!

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