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Lesbians Cate and Tammie Have A Lustful Nylon Ripping Session

I love a good lesbian XXX scene just as much as the next guy but when you throw in some sexy lesbians that not only love the taste of pussy but also are wearing sexy stockings then you have me at the edge of my seat! Cate and Tammie are two pussy hungry British lesbians that love to lick pussy. When that U.K. pussy in question is deliciously shaved then the likelihood of this being a truly nut busting scene has just shot up 120%! Cate and Tammie are two sexy U.K. lesbians that happen to be flat mates and return home after a fun night of dancing at the club.

They had some drinks as well, which lowered their inhibitions and they were horny as hell. Getting out of their club gear the sexy U.K. lesbian babes were in their nylons and they began ripping them off and pawing at each other’s luscious tits and ass. Cate and Tammie were so overtaken by lust that they spent the entire evening marinating their faces in hot British lesbian pussy.

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