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Cate Makes An Old Fart Happy

Cate knows the value of a hard cock no matter how old the cock in question is. The lucky old git in this hot British XXX scene is none other than old man Higgins. This old chap makes me hope that when I become old and decrepit that I’ll still be able to snag a sweet college coed babe like Cate Harrington.

The busty British porn star sucks old man Higgins making him nearly pop but old man Higgins has had many years of experience and stamina so amazingly he’s able to hold out and thoroughly enjoy some sweet U.K. pussy. Cate hops off his ancient schlong and licks off all her juices off his shaft including his balls. Higgins is in pure ecstasy fully enjoying how slutty U.K. slut Cate Harrington is behaving and she climbs up on top of Higgins senior shaft riding him until he busts a monumental nut and is left breathless. The busty U.K. porn star checks Higgins for a pulse and luckily he’s still breathing!

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