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Slutty Soldier Girls Kerry Louise & Kate

When Cate and Kerry Louise got to try on some sexy soldier gear they never realized they’d be enjoying some hot chick on chick lesbian delights. The hot Cate Harrington looks dead sexy in her soldier’s gear but adding that strapon on also gives her a badass sense that makes her a real treat to see in hot U.K. lesbian action. Sara has no idea what her tight British pussy passage is in for when she and Cate begin fondling and groping one another.

Of course it’s easy to get turned on by the lovely British slut Cate Harrington. Nothing is too nasty for the hot U.K. beauty and both chicks get wet as they play dress up. Cate pulls up her bra top and Kerry Louise sucks on her pink nipples as she rubs her shaved U.K. cunt. Cate then adjusts her strapon and bends over Cate and fucks her with her long purple phallus making her scream

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