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British Pussy Licking Fun with Shay Hendrix

Shay Hendrix could be wearing a burlap sack and I’d still want to fuck the living hell out of this tasty British porn star. The sexy blonde bitch teams up with her gorgeous brunette friend that is just as hot and they’re both wearing their sexy lingerie and thigh high stockings. These lingerie clad U.K. babes were modeling some sexy lingerie at their local pub to raise money for a local charity.

Knowing that many men would be paying them a visit they raised hundreds of pounds in charity money and celebrated by giving select bar members a sexy lesbian bar pussy licking XXX show. Shay Hendrix gets her tasty ass and shaved pussy licked really well by her horny brunette British partner and the chicks end up getting off monumentally. These British whores know how to raise money, that’s for sure!


Slutty Soldier Girls Kerry Louise & Kate

When Cate and Kerry Louise got to try on some sexy soldier gear they never realized they’d be enjoying some hot chick on chick lesbian delights. The hot Cate Harrington looks dead sexy in her soldier’s gear but adding that strapon on also gives her a badass sense that makes her a real treat to see in hot U.K. lesbian action. Sara has no idea what her tight British pussy passage is in for when she and Cate begin fondling and groping one another.

Of course it’s easy to get turned on by the lovely British slut Cate Harrington. Nothing is too nasty for the hot U.K. beauty and both chicks get wet as they play dress up. Cate pulls up her bra top and Kerry Louise sucks on her pink nipples as she rubs her shaved U.K. cunt. Cate then adjusts her strapon and bends over Cate and fucks her with her long purple phallus making her scream


Cate Has Fun with Sasha Cane

Bisexual British babe Cate Harrington gets together with sexy brunette Sasha in this intense chick on chick XXX erotica. Sometimes all you need is some hot girl on girl action and Cate Harrington and Sasha know this, which is why they strip out of their lingerie and begin playing with their U.K. pussies. The action in this lesbian erotica is mainly soft core but that doesn’t diminish the heat that emanates from both gorgeous brunette British babes.

Cate Harrington’s luscious big tits poking out of her pink bra look tantalizingly delicious and Sasha in her blue bra and panties looks just as hot. Especially when she gives Cate a long deep kiss that lingers as she pinches her erect pink nipples. Cate moans like the U.K. slut that she is and spreads her legs exposing her sweet U.K. pussy. If you like your sluts British and lesbians then this photo set will get your giblets tingling!

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