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Katie Has Some Wickedly Sexy Erotic Snaps Taken

Being a slutty student at St. Mackenzie’s is a lot of fun. We pretty much run the entire school and we love flashing our bits to the boys at St. Agnes. I also love chicks and my best friend Amy took these pictures of me so that we could get them to the sexy lads over at St. Agnes. We love breaking the rules and Amy was more than happy to get some pictures of me nearly nude during detention. We get plenty of detention here at St. Mackenzie’s partly because we are a bratty lot of British sluts and we are in dire need of structure and discipline.

We are horny as hell also since we have teen hormones coursing through our veins and makes us behave like the naughty U.K. bitches we are. It doesn’t matter if we play amongst ourselves for some hot U.K. lesbian action or if we get caught with a boy, we just want to have fun! I’m wearing my sexy silky red panties today and I want to show my boyfriend Stephen how hot I look without my confining St. Mackenzie’s uniform. Come check me out! Xoxoxo Katie ?


Naughty Holly Sneaks In A Chap At St Mackenzies

I’m a student at the St. Agnes Boarding School for Boys and it’s a real drag to not have a coed classroom with hot U.K. chicks like the ones parading about at St. Mackenzie’s. I managed to begin dating Holly, a blonde British babe with an incredible body and perky tits. I brought my camera with me and snapped some pictures of Holly after she sneaked me into the St. Mackenzie’s campus. My excitement over being in a place that is forbidden made my cock swell with desire to fuck Holly hardcore.

I waited though and took a series of XXX pictures of my U.K. girlfriend as she sat alone in detention as she slowly took off her clothes so that I could capture her in all her naked glory. Holly’s long creamy legs looked tantalizing in her knee high socks and heels. I could already taste her sweet U.K. pussy but Holly encouraged me to wait and just continue snapping some XXX pictures of her. When her erotic photo shoot was over I fucked Holly hardcore in that classroom and we never got caught!


Teta-Maria Shows Off Her Goodies in Sexy Stockings

When Teta-Maria joined the ranks of the sexy student body at St. Mackenzie’s she had no idea that the rules there would be so strict. Their naughty British babe students are there to learn and to steer clear from boys. The concept is a good one but does it work? Hell no! It seems like not only the faculty is bitten by the slutty bug but the hot U.K. students are running rampant half-naked throughout the hallways of this institution for learning.

I’m not complaining though, since these lovely U.K. babes show off their titties, ass and all their yummiest bits. Teta-Maria has long legs and an exotic beauty that is utterly heart stopping. Teta-Maria models her short skirt and she inevitably gets deliciously naked. Her big tits and sweet British ass just begs to be devoured and seeing her in nylons is just the icing on the U.K. pussy cake they serve up at St. Mackenzie’s!


St. Mackenzies Real Hot Chicks

The naughty St. Mackenzie’s students are some of the sexiest British babes and these luscious ladies that simply love to take it all off are bona fide exhibitionist bitches. The boys across the St. Mackenzie’s school for sluts can’t get enough of the rebellious U.K. babes that flash their big tits and tight asses. Wearing their sexy schoolgirl outfits that are modified so that they look even shorter and sluttier is what the St. Mackenzie’s schoolgirls do best.

This photo gallery showcases the badass British sluts in detention taking it all off for the lads at St. Agnes. These hot U.K. teen babes are wearing some pretty sexy thing high stockings, their skimpiest panties, and high heels. These are real hot chicks that each has their own delicious allure. If you love British babes in soft-core erotica images and videos then the lovely U.K. babes from St. Mackenzie’s will have your giblets tingling.

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