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British Pussy Licking Fun with Shay Hendrix

Shay Hendrix could be wearing a burlap sack and I’d still want to fuck the living hell out of this tasty British porn star. The sexy blonde bitch teams up with her gorgeous brunette friend that is just as hot and they’re both wearing their sexy lingerie and thigh high stockings. These lingerie clad U.K. babes were modeling some sexy lingerie at their local pub to raise money for a local charity.

Knowing that many men would be paying them a visit they raised hundreds of pounds in charity money and celebrated by giving select bar members a sexy lesbian bar pussy licking XXX show. Shay Hendrix gets her tasty ass and shaved pussy licked really well by her horny brunette British partner and the chicks end up getting off monumentally. These British whores know how to raise money, that’s for sure!


Lesbians Cate and Tammie Have A Lustful Nylon Ripping Session

I love a good lesbian XXX scene just as much as the next guy but when you throw in some sexy lesbians that not only love the taste of pussy but also are wearing sexy stockings then you have me at the edge of my seat! Cate and Tammie are two pussy hungry British lesbians that love to lick pussy. When that U.K. pussy in question is deliciously shaved then the likelihood of this being a truly nut busting scene has just shot up 120%! Cate and Tammie are two sexy U.K. lesbians that happen to be flat mates and return home after a fun night of dancing at the club.

They had some drinks as well, which lowered their inhibitions and they were horny as hell. Getting out of their club gear the sexy U.K. lesbian babes were in their nylons and they began ripping them off and pawing at each other’s luscious tits and ass. Cate and Tammie were so overtaken by lust that they spent the entire evening marinating their faces in hot British lesbian pussy.


Sexy British Babe Michelle Barratt Gets Off

Filthy U.K. slut Michelle Barratt wearing her black thigh high nylons looks as sexy as ever as she slowly gets undressed exposing her big tits on the couch. Michelle’s luscious U.K. snatch is glistening from her pussy juices and she whips out her extra long double ended dildo and gets it into her the tight confines of her pussy passage. Moaning and undulating sexily on the couch, Michelle Barratt is truly a sight to see as she services her own tasty British pussy.

Pumping her cunt with an unrelenting lust is hot to witness as this scorching hot chick really is getting into her solo pussy playtime. Michelle squeezes her big titties as she plugs her pussy and gets off big time as she throws her head back in delight and her eyes roll into the back of her head. If you love hot British babes in nylons getting off solo then Michelle Barratt will be sure to get your giblets tingling.


Rachel Wearing Her Nylons Plays with Toys

Rachel is one of those horny working girls that would never allow the daily office duties of the day get in the way of her enjoying a mid-day orgasm. Rachel is a secretary that goes to work on one average and boring Tuesday but her British pussy is aching and sopping wet from the dream she had of fucking her handsome boss, which left her awakened that morning with a U.K. snatch that just begged to be stuffed with cock.

Rachel packed her vibrating ball with her so that she could whip it out in the afternoon and give herself a nice well-deserved solo pussy playing time in. Rachel used her boss’s office as her place of naughty indiscretions and began playing with herself. She shut the door behind her but left it unlocked with hopes of her getting caught. The busty blonde spread her legs wide and inserted her vibrating ball inside her U.K. pussy while her big tits were bare and flopping about. It was a scorching hot sight to see!


Tammie Lee Double Penetrates Herself with Two Dildos

Oh be still my heart. Or is it my cock? Either way you slice it, Tammie Lee is one delectable British slut that demands attention with those long luscious legs and shaved pussy that just begs to be tasted. Wearing her sexy black thigh high stockings, high heels and nothing else the U.K. babe is ready for some solo self-love. Tammie Lee is armed with all her sex toys and loves the feeling of getting her pussy double penetrated and stuffs both her tight holes with her toys.

This hot brunette beauty even pulls out one of her dildos and licks off all her tantalizing pussy juices off her glistening dildo and stuffs it back into her British pussy making her gasp with ecstasy. The squelchy sounds emanating from both her plugged pussy and asshole are a hot and all I can imagine now is what it would be like to have her gobble up some cock as she has both holes stuffed.


Havana Sin Gives Herself A Hot Heel Fucking

Havana Sin has got the right name seeing as she’s such a horny British slut that can’t wait for cock. Then again, Havana Sin has never been one to wait for anyone so she takes care of her pussy like the nasty U.K. bitch she is. Licking her high heels and priming them for the British pussy insertion she’s about to give herself is beyond hot. Wearing her sexy stockings, Havana Sin steals away to a secluded area at work where she can get off by herself without having any pesky interruptions.

Her U.K. snatch was aching and she needed to address her lust as soon as she could. With thoughts of fucking her boyfriend Stephen swirling in her head she imagines his uncut cock in her mouth and licks her high heels before getting the tip wet in her glistening British pussy. Her gorgeous legs spread apart look amazing in stockings and it isn’t long before Havana Sin is having an intense orgasm on the floor like a real British slut!


Naughty Holly Sneaks In A Chap At St Mackenzies

I’m a student at the St. Agnes Boarding School for Boys and it’s a real drag to not have a coed classroom with hot U.K. chicks like the ones parading about at St. Mackenzie’s. I managed to begin dating Holly, a blonde British babe with an incredible body and perky tits. I brought my camera with me and snapped some pictures of Holly after she sneaked me into the St. Mackenzie’s campus. My excitement over being in a place that is forbidden made my cock swell with desire to fuck Holly hardcore.

I waited though and took a series of XXX pictures of my U.K. girlfriend as she sat alone in detention as she slowly took off her clothes so that I could capture her in all her naked glory. Holly’s long creamy legs looked tantalizing in her knee high socks and heels. I could already taste her sweet U.K. pussy but Holly encouraged me to wait and just continue snapping some XXX pictures of her. When her erotic photo shoot was over I fucked Holly hardcore in that classroom and we never got caught!


Teta-Maria Shows Off Her Goodies in Sexy Stockings

When Teta-Maria joined the ranks of the sexy student body at St. Mackenzie’s she had no idea that the rules there would be so strict. Their naughty British babe students are there to learn and to steer clear from boys. The concept is a good one but does it work? Hell no! It seems like not only the faculty is bitten by the slutty bug but the hot U.K. students are running rampant half-naked throughout the hallways of this institution for learning.

I’m not complaining though, since these lovely U.K. babes show off their titties, ass and all their yummiest bits. Teta-Maria has long legs and an exotic beauty that is utterly heart stopping. Teta-Maria models her short skirt and she inevitably gets deliciously naked. Her big tits and sweet British ass just begs to be devoured and seeing her in nylons is just the icing on the U.K. pussy cake they serve up at St. Mackenzie’s!


Katie K’s Panties Are Wet

I love a hot blonde British slut and Katie K is one tasty British whore with a wet snatch. Her solo U.K. strip tease gallery showcases Katie K looking about as mouth watering as ever. This naturally busty U.K. bitch is wearing one slutty pink skirt and heels and it doesn’t take much for my cock to awaken with a fury for the hot blonde Filthy Britain star.

Katie does a very sensual strip tease that leaves her completely nude, well with the exception of her knee high stockings and heels. Katie then settles in for a hot solo British pussy play. You can see her shiny pussy from all the wet juices that are ready to accommodate a cock and boy do I wish I were there to give her what she needs! Katie spreads those creamy thighs and goes to town on her luscious U.K. pussy and I’m in lust for this scrumptious British babe!


Card Game with Sexy U.K. Slut Cate

Playing strip poker with a hot British slut like Cate Harrington can prove to be quite a titillating experience. Cate Harrington of course loses the game and she’s left wearing only her sexy red fishnets on and high heels. Her fellow players couldn’t see taking all of Cate’s clothes since at the moment she’s looking pretty damn delicious.

Those sexy suspenders also look fucking hot and the busty U.K. brunette is no sore loser as she’s happy to show off all her tasty British goodies with us all. Her tight ass and shaved snatch make me forget altogether about any card games and all I can think of are games like hide the salami. Cate’s ace in the hole is her British pussy hole and I can just imagine it tasting just as sweet as it looks. I am in pure lust with this sexy British slut!

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